4 Concrete Driveway Replacement Finish Ideas To Improve The Hardscaping Of Entrances To Your Home

If the driveway to the entrance of your home is cracking and full of potholes due to age and poor drainage, it is time to think about replacing it. When you are considering options to replace your driveway, you want to consider improvements and finishes that improve the hardscaping of the main entrances to your home. The following driveway finishing ideas will help you improve your new driveway and the hardscaping in front of your home:

1. Hand Troweled Designs and Patterns with Colorful Seal Coating for Your Driveway Entrance

The surface of your concrete driveway can be finished with a trowel or broom finish, which is the most common type of concrete finishing. This can be improved and made more attractive by having patterns and design features etched into the concrete with the troweling, and then finished with a colorful seal coating to protect the surface of the pavement from weathering, wear and damage.

2. Affordable Concrete Stamped Finishes with Seal Coating for A Durable and Attractive Entrance to Your Home

Another option that you will want to consider for an attractive concrete finish for your driveway and hardscaping is a stamped finish. This is the process of using special forms with patterns of brick or masonry to stamp the concrete for an attractive and uniform finish. The stamped concrete driveway finish can have protective seal coating applied, which will help protect the concrete from wear and give it color.

3. Repairing Damaged Driveways and Adding A Matching Finish to Hardscaping with Concrete Layover Finishes

There are many options for resurfacing your concrete driveway, which you may want to repair instead of replacing. Rather than replacing all the pavement, the repairs can be done and a layover finish done to give the driveway an attractive custom finish. This can also be done for other hardscaping like paths and patios to give all the pavements in front of your home matching finishes.

4. Textured Finishes with Acid Staining and Sealing for An Attractive Concrete Driveway and Hardscaping Finish for The Entrance to Your Home

There are also options for textured finishes that you will want to consider for your driveway and hardscaping, but you may want to give them a little color. If you are doing broom and other textured finishes, you can use acid staining to give the finish color and protect it with a clear coating of sealant that protects the finish and prevents damage to the pavement.

These are some of the concrete driveway and hardscaping finishes that will help improve the appearance of entrances to your home. If you are ready to renovate the appearance of the entrances to your home and repair a decaying driveway, contact a concrete driveway replacement service and talk to them about some of these solutions for attractive and durable finishes. 

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