Masonry Care And Repair Tips For Homeowners

Masonry construction is one of the most durable options that individuals can choose for any type of building. Brick and mortar can be extremely resilient materials, but they can still benefit from homeowners taking basic steps to protect these materials.

Avoid Letting Vines Or Moss Grow On Masonry Surfaces

Vines and moss growing on the exterior of the masonry surface can be a significant problem that individuals may underestimate due to liking the aesthetic of these plants growing on the masonry. However, vines and grass can make it extremely difficult for the masonry surface to fully dry out following rain or after condensation has formed on it. Additionally, these plants can actually pry apart small pieces of the brick and mortar, which can drastically weaken these materials. While you may enjoy the look of these materials, they will need to be regularly washed off if you are to preserve the condition of the masonry.

Appreciate The Need For Regular Inspections Of Aging Masonry Structures

Older masonry will also need to be inspected on a regular basis. These inspections will allow for some potential problems that could be developing to be remedied before they spread. One common example of the types of problems that these inspections can discover will be flaking mortar. If the mortar degrades as a result of age and exposure to the elements, it can become brittle enough that it may start to flake off. Replacing any mortar that has started to develop this problem should be a major priority for any homeowner as this can avoid destabilizing the entire masonry surface as a result of the mortar failing.

Consider Adding A Stone Veneer To Your Masonry Exteriors

There are some individuals that may enjoy the durability and low-maintenance requirements of masonry surfaces, but they may dislike the look of brick and mortar. For these individuals, it can be possible to add a stone veneer to the brick and mortar exterior. These veneers will essentially be a thick piece of stone that can allow you to easily update or change the appearance of the home while still enjoying the strength and durability of masonry. Installing a stone veneer to a masonry surface should not be attempted by a homeowner without professional help. These veneers can be extremely heavy, and if they are applied incorrectly, this may be sufficient to damage the brick and mortar or the veneer itself may be at a greater risk of detaching from the rest of the house.

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