6 Excavation Services You Might Need When You Build An Outbuilding On Your Undeveloped Land

If you want to build an outbuilding on your property to park an RV on or use as a workshop, you may need to start with a residential excavation service so the land can be made ready for construction to start. Even if you put up a metal building or pole barn yourself, you need the land cleared and graded. Here are six things an excavation contractor might do once permits have been obtained.

1. Clear Out Brush And Trees

The company has a variety of heavy equipment that can make quick changes to your land. The equipment chosen depends on how much room there is on your property to maneuver. Some machinery is capable of taking down large trees and others can mulch brush and overgrowth so the land is cleared to the soil.

2. Move Soil Around

Land isn't always perfect for building. The contractor might need to dig out boulders and fill in holes with soil. The contractor can move soil around on your property so there are no dangerous holes left behind that interfere with the construction of your new building.

3. Slope The Land

Sloping the land around the building site is important so rain drains away. However, the contractor also wants to ensure rain won't be routed toward your house. If drainage is an issue on your property, the contractor might dig a pond to collect water that drains from your outbuilding, home, and driveway to put an end to ponding and avoid potential foundation or driveway damage.

4. Level The Building Site

You'll want the building site to be leveled and compacted so you can pour a slab foundation. If you're just going to have a gravel floor for your building, the soil still should be compacted and level so you can park heavy vehicles inside.

5. Prepare The Soil For Grass Seeds

The excavation contractor will probably clear your land with a wide border around the building so there is plenty of room to work and so brush doesn't crowd the space when the building is finished. The contractor may grade and prep the soil around the building site so it will be ready for grass seed or sod.

Some contractors offer extra services besides just making earth changes, so you might inquire if they offer spreading straw on the soil to protect it until you're ready to plant grass once the building is finished.

6. Build A Driveway Base

You'll probably need an extension added to your driveway if you plan to park an RV or car in your new outbuilding. An excavation contractor can prepare a temporary road so you can haul building supplies to the site, and they can prepare the road for a driveway by moving soil around, compacting it, and ensuring the proper slope for drainage.

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