Should You Hire A General Contractor For Your Next Project?

When you're dealing with a construction or renovation project, you might wonder whether you need to hire a general contractor. Fortunately, there's a fairly simple way to determine if that's an appropriate choice. Here are four questions you can consider to figure out whether general contracting would be helpful on a job.

How Big Is the Project?

The sheer size of a project is often a determining factor when people look for general contracting help. For example, it's very common to hire a GC to lend a hand on a new home build. That's because you'll need someone to help you coordinate a bunch of sub-projects, including everything from concrete services to roofing contracting.

Notably, some projects are small enough that you might not need to go this route. If you're doing minor renovations to a bathroom, that's something most people can leave to a remodeler to do. They might have to coordinate a bit with a plumber, but it's not a huge problem in most cases.

Is It Complex?

Even a fundamentally simple project might call for a general contractor's help if there are some complexities. Someone building a new garage or shed, for example, may have to coordinate with several contractors to deal with framing, electrical work, roofing, and pouring concrete. You don't want to have a pile of roofing materials sitting around for your new garage if the frame isn't up yet. The general contractor will help ensure that materials and other contractors arrive in an order that maximizes efficiency and effectiveness.

Are There Many Compliance Issues?

Regulatory compliance appears everywhere in remodeling and construction efforts. From something as simple as getting a building permit to a problem as complex as making sure your work complies with environmental and energy efficiency rules, there are a lot of concerns to keep up with. A general contracting company can handle the paperwork, schedule independent inspections, and coordinate efforts to fix any problems that might come up.

How Involved Do You Want to Be?

Working with a general contractor allows you to back away from a project a bit. You can authorize the contractor to handle minor issues and make adjustments. If something big comes up, they'll loop you in. Likewise, they may need a few signatures to confirm that major changes were okay. However, you'll largely be able to focus your attention and energies on other things while they get the job done.

For more information about general contracting and how it can benefit your project, contact a local contractor.

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