Low-Budget Ideas To Make A Small Bathroom Feel Larger And More Comfortable

The bathroom in most family homes is a very busy place. Yet many people find themselves dealing with a bathroom that feels small and uncomfortable due to square footage deficiencies or poor design. While gutting the existing space and finding a way to add additional square footage, along with new fixtures and surfaces is an optimal solution, doing so may not always be possible due to budget constraints.

Fortunately, there are some quicker, less expensive updates you can make to improve your family's comfort level when using this all-important space. 

Change the tub 

Bathrooms in older homes often contain tubs that are dated, stained, or uncomfortable to use. Bathing in a tub is also shown to use more water than showering and can take much more time, which may be awkward when other family members are waiting for their turn. An excellent solution to consider is to remove the tub and replace it with a comfortable shower. 

When opting to ditch the tub and install a shower in a small bathroom, homeowners should also consider using a clear glass shower door with minimal or no framing, to create the appearance of a more open space. Adding inexpensive upgrades like shower lighting, wall caddies for toiletries, and a soothing rain head shower unit can add even more comfort without breaking the project budget. 

Change the door

If your current bathroom door opens into the space, you may be able to gain more space for bathroom use by changing the door. Some ideas for making changes to the existing door include replacing it with a sliding, barn-type door or by changing the hinges on the existing door to allow it to open outward into the hallway, instead of inward into the bathroom. This change can free up the space currently being obscured by the door to add towel racks, a small closet, or shelving to increase storage and make the entire room more user friendly. 

Change the vanity area

Another way to make your bathroom feel larger and more attractive is by removing an old, outdated vanity and replacing it with a more compact model. Doing this can free up floor space and create room to add more shelving to hold colorful bins full of bathroom items, like extra toilet paper, curling irons, and makeup. When replacing the vanity, also consider updating the lighting, especially if the current lighting is harsh or insufficient. 

To get more affordable ideas for turning your small bathroom into a more comfortable, welcoming space, invite a reputable bathroom contractor to view your current bathroom and offer professional advice for improving the space. 

To learn more information, reach out to a bathroom remodeling contractor near you.

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