3 Mysterious Signs Termites Leave Behind

The average homeowner will find it very concerning to learn that their home is at risk for a pest infestation. This is why many homeowners opt to have pest control services protect their homes. Some individuals may assume that their homes do not need to be treated or inspected for pests. They may mistakenly think that certain actions such as keeping a clean home will keep pests away. Certain pests such as termites do not seek food sources that are edible to humans and most animals. This is why no one should falsely assume that their home or lifestyle makes them exempt from serious pest problems. The following points identify signs that a termite infestation might be underway.

White Ant-like Insects

Some individuals mistakenly assume that they are seeing some rare species of ant or albino ants when they observe termites. These individuals may dismiss the danger of the peculiar insects if they do not get a second opinion. Delaying termite control can result in property damage and lead to an infestation. It is best to consult a pest control provider to confirm what type of unidentifiable insects you see lurking around your home even if their presence is outdoors. Termite colonies may start outside and eventually form new colonies in building materials.

Mysterious Structural Damages

Termites can cause damage beneath surfaces. This is why homeowners sometimes have extensive damage before they are aware of the threat. You might notice miniature sawdust piles despite not having any work done to your home. Another sign is that termite damage may negatively impact doorways. Doors that become more difficult to close could be a sign of termites. These pests are not selective when it comes to wood sources. They will eat away at other areas of homes such as wooden furniture and flooring.

Mud Tubes

These are signs that termites are building structures to inhabit. They are cylindrical in shape and resemble test tubes that are made out of mud. Their appearance will likely be the color of clay. Even if you do not see termites, this should be a cause for an immediate pest control inspection.

A pest control company is a good resource to use to learn more about pests that are indigenous to your local area. They can also provide insight into whether certain seasons seem to cause pests to be a nuisance. For example, mice might be a worse problem in frigid winters because of seeking shelter from the cold. In the case of termites, certain species inhabit certain parts of the country. A pest control company can create a customized pest control solution to meet all of your needs. 

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