Foam Insulation Upgrades To Improve The Efficiency Of Your Home And Reduce Energy Costs

If you want to improve the efficiency of your home, adding the right insulation is a great investment. Today, foam insulation offers a lot of options for these energy improvements to help you save. These materials are added to the attic, walls, and any other voids where energy is lost. The following foam insulation upgrades will help make your home more efficient to save on energy costs.

Improving the Thermal Barrier of Attic Space

The attic is an area will want to consider upgrades to the insulation in your home. Today, there are more options to improve the insulation in attics using spray foam, including:

  • Adding insulation to rafters with an air gap
  • Insulating ceiling joists in the attic
  • Adding insulation to gable ends

Insulation in the attic can do a lot more than just update thermal barriers. It will also help reduce problems with wear and tear. The spray foam materials add strength and prevent damage due to winter ice dams.

Add Insulation to Wall Cavities with Voids

There are also areas of your home where wall cavities can have voids or problems with the old insulation. The old materials are likely outdated, worn, or damaged and need a replacement. Spray foam is an excellent solution to update the voids in walls with modern insulation materials to improve your home's energy design.

Improve Unfinished Areas with Insulation

You should also consider upgrading the unfinished areas of your home. This can help reduce energy loss due to these areas, usually not being insulated. Areas that often lack insulation and can have room for improvement include:

  • Exterior walls of garages
  • Uninsulated bonus rooms
  • Workshops and utility rooms
  • Unfinished basement spaces

The addition of insulation in these areas stops air leaks and adds to your home's thermal barrier. This can help to reduce your annual energy costs. It will also protect areas like garages and utility rooms from the cold air during the winter months.

Stop Air Leaks Where There Are Holes and Voids

There are also many other areas of your home where you may have issues with air leaks. These are often areas where there are holes or penetrations due to vents, mechanical installations, and window openings. The air leaks around these areas are stopped with spray foam insulation.

The addition of insulation in the right areas of your home is a great investment to help reduce energy costs. Contact a foam insulation contractor to talk with them about some of these upgrades to improve efficiency and lower your energy costs.

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