Setting Up A Prefabricated Metal Building For Your Business

If you operate a growing business that needs more storage space, there are some options you may want to consider. Prefabricated metal buildings are one option that can save you money and can be constructed quickly on your property or site. 

Choosing the Right Building

Prefabricated metal buildings come in many different sizes and configurations, some of which can be customized easily to adapt to your needs. Talking with the manufacturer is the best way to get some idea of what you can do and what it will cost to our a metal building up on your property. 

If you are looking for a simple, open layout inside the structure that has one door and will be used for warehousing, you can get a very reasonable price. In most situations, the contractor that is installing the structure for you can do it very quickly. 

If you need some interior walls, a mezzanine, or some office space in the building, the cost of the building is going to be a little higher, and it may take a little longer to erect, but the contractor will still be able to assemble the structure faster than building a similar building from scratch.

Site Preparation

Once you have chosen the prefabricated metal building for your needs, you will need to get the site ready for installation. Hiring a contractor to come in and get things ready is a good option and the company you are buying the metal building from may have a list of contractors that they work with in your area that you can review. 

The site may already be level if you have other buildings on it, but if it is not, the contractor will need to level the area that the building will sit on. The contractor will also need to pour the concrete pad that will become the floor and foundation for your prefabricated metal building before the building arrives on site. 

Any wiring conduit or plumbing that needs to be installed should also be done before the pad is poured. This prevents cutting the floor later to add these things.  

Most metal buildings will need power for lights, heat, and maybe a door opener at a minimum, but your contractor can work with you to ensure you have the services you need inside the building when it is complete. 

Building Assembly

Once the prefabricated metal building arrives on the site, the contractor and their crew can quickly put it together. Because the building is made ahead of time and shipped in pieces, these buildings are typically quite simple to reassemble on site. 

The structure can often be up and ready to use in a few days to a week but talk with the contractor about the time frame for your building.

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