Stucco Repair Services Are Needed If You Notice These Three Things

Stucco is a popular residential siding material. The material requires maintenance to minimize damages from moisture intrusion. Stucco leaks can happen as the material ages. Leaks may also be the result of quality issues. Every homeowner who has stucco siding needs to be able to identify signs of leaks. Individuals interested in buying a home that has stucco siding need to get inspections to determine if there are moisture damages and the cost for stucco repairs. Ignoring stucco repairs signs can lead to advanced damage to materials. A house could literally rot from underneath the stucco or develop widespread mold. The following points identify a few telltale signs of stucco leaks. 

Softened Building Materials

When stucco fails due to water intrusion, the drywall in the interior of a home will eventually soften from the moisture. This softening of the building material can be felt by touching a wall. If the moisture problem is not addressed the weakening of the drywall will continue. If it gets compromised by mold or mildew, it will likely need to be extracted as part of the stucco remediation process. 

Prolonged Stucco Dampness

Stucco repair signs also show exterior moisture issues. The composition of stucco makes it appear damp when it is exposed to water. After it rains, it will take a short while for the material to return to its natural state. If the siding looks damp for an extended period of time, it is likely due to moisture intrusion. This does not have to be widespread lingering dampness. Sometimes homeowners notice a specific area of their stucco siding exhibits this phenomenon. A small area of damage that does not get stucco repairs can become a significant damage issue.

Surface Cracks

Cracks in stucco can be repaired using a variety of repair techniques. Homeowners should not use their own judgment about the significance of small cracks. The cracks can widen or deepen and require complex stucco repairs if ignored. The presence of cracks does not mean that damage has occurred, but cracks can lead to moisture intrusion which can cause damage. 

The average homeowner can identify signs of stucco damage. However, they lack the skills to assess the degree of damage that is occurring beneath the surface. This is one of the main reasons that stucco damages get dismissed as being irrelevant. A stucco leak detection contractor can be used as a resource to use for stucco repair services. If the material appears to be intact, their services are still valuable because they might detect a small issue before it advances.

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