5 Ways A Custom Closet Can Help Your Home Office

Does your home office have its own closet? If not, this may be a tool that will make your workspace cleaner, more secure, more professional, and larger. How? Here are five ways your home office will benefit from a custom closet. 

1. Add Storage. Many home office work areas are not as large as the homeowner would like. The result is often a chaotic working situation and stuff placed anywhere you can find room. Add customized storage in a dedicated closet, instead. While a closet is often linked with storage of clothing, extra bedding, or larger household tools, it can be altered to store anything from paper files to drawers of crafting supplies. 

2. Keep It Professional. Do you receive visitors, clients, bosses, or co-workers to your home office? Do you videoconference from there? If so, having a hidden home for all your tools, documents, and devices helps you present the most professional appearance in person and online. 

3. Organize Supplies. What do you use on a regular basis in the office? While some computer-based workers may have little in the way of office supplies and tools, others may keep files, maintain writing and mailing supplies, store inventory or samples, and hold company gadgets. If this sounds like your office, organize it all by designing a closet organizational system tailored to what you actually need to use. 

4. Increase Space. If your office is small — or becoming crowded — moving items into a closet adds physical space. However, the more organized you can make it and the more vertical space you use wisely, the more useful square footage you add to the room. So if you can't expand outward, make sure you're being efficient with what you have. 

5. Boost Security. Finally, don't forget that you should be keeping your office more secure than the average room. Security of files, expensive equipment, or sensitive data should protect it from both theft and unwanted intrusion by kids and pets. You may not need a full safe or specialized security system if you can simply create a home for valuable items and lock them behind a closet door. 

Could you use a customized closet in your home office? Need help making the best use of what you already have? If so, start by consulting with a contractor who specializes in custom-built closet design and construction. They will work with you to identify your needs, your resources, and your goals for the office — then create a system that meets them all. Call a local company to learn more, like Gremillion Home Builders

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