Metal Rolling Is A Kind Of Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication covers all kinds of processes. That can include heating the metal, bending it, rolling it, cutting it, and welding it. Rolling metal can be a really important part of any metal fabrication process. So, what does rolling metal actually do?

Set Thickness

One thing that rolling metal can do is to set the thickness of the metal. When the metal gets sent in between two rollers that exert a lot of pressure on it, the metal will start to thin down. The piece of metal may have to go through a series of rollers. Each roller will be set to smaller and smaller distances. You can't thin the metal down too quickly because it could cause damage, so a graduated series of rollers are going to be the best way to get to the right thickness. The rollers are adjustable so they can easily accommodate pieces of metal of differing thicknesses. 

Creating Cylindrical Shapes

Another thing that rolling can do is create cylindrical shapes. Those finished products are used in all kinds of places, including tanks and pipes. The way that it will do this is that the rollers are offset. As the metal goes through the offset rollers, one of them causes the metal to start to curl. Depending on how big the piece of metal being rolled is and what it is going to be, it may need to go through the process more than once to get the proper roll on it. It takes a plate rolling machine in order to create the arc that needs to happen. 

Plate Rolling Machines

The machines come in a number of styles, depending on how thick the metal needs to be, how big the piece of metal is, and the arc that needs to be created. The machines come in 2, 3, or 4-roll models. The two roll models are best used for the thinnest metals that are generally smaller in size. These machines are great for making things that are used in the house, instead of something like a 4 roll machine because that will take the largest pieces of metal, both in thickness and size. These machines are more likely to be used to create pieces that are used in industrial settings. 

In order to have a finished product, some kind of metal fabrication has to happen. Metal plate rolling is just one of the kinds of fabrication that any metal can go through. 

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