Drain Cleaning: 3 Benefits Of Hydro Jetting As A Drain Cleaning Procedure

When most homeowners experience clogged drains, they use plungers or chemical drain cleaners. Although these options may work for minor clogs, they may prove ineffective for serious drain issues. So, if your clog fails to clear or you experience frequent clogs, it may be time to hire drain cleaning professionals. When the professionals get to your home, they will first examine your drains to determine the extent of damage and find the most suitable solution.

Hydro jetting is one effective method plumbers use to clear serious drain clogs. It involves injecting streams of high-pressure water into your pipes using specialized machines and hoses. Here are the top benefits of hydro jetting.

1. It Protects the Environment

Conventional drain cleaning methods use harsh chemicals to break down the clogs and clear your drains. Unfortunately, these chemicals can seep into the ground, damage the septic system, and pollute groundwater, harming the ecosystem. On the other hand, hydro jetting uses only high-pressure jets of water to unclog the drains. Professionals don't need any additives or chemicals with this option. As a result, no harmful chemicals leach into the ground, maintaining balance in the existing ecosystem.

2. It Is Thorough and Effective

Although traditional drain cleaning methods may clear clogs, they don't remove all the debris from your drains. The debris left behind speeds up grime accumulation, leading to frequent clogs. Therefore, if your drains constantly clog, it may be time for more effective solutions like hydro jetting. The jets of water directed into your pipes are strong enough to clear all the debris to the last speck. Moreover, hydro jetting accesses all areas of your drains that may be hard to reach with other cleaning methods. Therefore, this cleaning method also helps prevent future drainage problems.

3. It Is Affordable

Hydro jetting might seem costly initially, but you will enjoy long-term savings with this option. First, your plumber will inspect the pipes with a video camera to spot any potential issues. That way, the experts can determine the best way to implement the project without causing further problems that increase expenses. Secondly, hydro jetting clears off different types of debris, reducing the chances of build-up. As a result, you won't keep investing in drain cleaning solutions.

If your drains keep clogging and the clogs seem harder to clear, it may be time to consider hydro jetting. Hydro jetting is an effective drain cleaning method that eliminates all types of clogs, leaving your drains clear. Hydro jet cleaning is also environmentally friendly and affordable. So, don't suffer through another episode of blocked drains; hire drain cleaning professionals today for practical solutions. 

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