Unique Ways To Customize Your Hardwood Floor

People often praise hardwood flooring as an option because it is so easily customizable. But beyond choosing the wood and finish that you prefer, how can you customize your hardwood floor? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Create a border in a different color

You don't have to have the entire floor stained or finished in the same color. And one fun way to add some variation is to have the perimeter of the floor stained a different color than the center of the floor. You could, for example, have the outside two feet of the floor stained the same color as all of your woodwork and trim. Then, have the interior of the floor finished in a much lighter color. This creates a nice contrast, and if you put a table in the middle of the light-stained area, it will look like you've framed it. You can shrink or expand the dark-stained perimeter depending on your personal taste.

Create a chevron pattern

Chevron is a classic "striped" pattern in which the stripes are triangle or "v" shaped. The pattern was traditionally used in fabric, but it can be used in other ways and is becoming more common in building materials — including hardwood floors. If you go this route, your flooring company will need to finish the hardware pieces before installing them since the two colors will be so close together. But all you really need are floorboards in two different colors, laid out carefully in a chevron pattern. This floor will add so much interest to the space that you won't really need to decorate otherwise. Pair the floor with some solid-colored drapes and furniture, and you're set to go.

Go natural

People generally assume they have to finish their hardwood floors, but this is not really the case. You can go natural, if you want. Certain woods stand up to this better than others. For example, Mahogany and Teak are both good woods to do this with since they are not prone to splinters. If you want a natural look but want to seal the floor, you can also opt for a hard wax finish, which gives the flooring a slight luster but no color.

When it comes time to customize your hardwood floors, remember the options are endless. Keep the options above in mind, and brand out from there, letting your own creativity soar.

To learn more about custom hardwood floors, contact a contractor near you.

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