Why Are Vinyl Flake Epoxy Coatings Good Options For Garage Floors?

If you want to repair or recoat your garage floor, then you might be looking at epoxy coatings. This flooring is hard-wearing enough to cope with garage wear and tear.

While you can go for plain colors or metallic effects, vinyl-flaked epoxies are a good option for this kind of floor. Why?

Extra Strength

Garage floors need to be robust and strong. You don't want to install a floor that can't cope with car traffic or weight.

You also need a floor that can withstand accidental damage. For example, you don't want a floor that will chip or crack if you accidentally drop a tool on it.

Regular epoxy floor coatings are strong and resilient. They can deal with vehicles and some accidental damage. However, vinyl-flaked coatings have additional strength benefits.

The flakes in the epoxy sit on the surface, making it denser. This strengthens the mix and makes it more resilient. Your floor is likely to last longer without getting damaged.

Better Traction

Smooth garage floors can be a safety hazard. If the floor gets wet, or if you aren't wearing shoes with a grip, then you could slip on the floor and hurt yourself. If you have children who might run around in the space, then they could also have nasty falls.

Vinyl-flaked epoxy floors have extra traction. While their surface looks smooth and sleek, their flakes make it slightly raised. These tiny bumps give the surface more grip and make it safer to walk on.

Damage Concealment

If you're covering an old and worn concrete floor in your garage, then the surface might not look good. It might contain pits, small cracks, and stains.

While a regular epoxy coating will cover the floor and give it more protection, it might not completely conceal damage or staining. If you use a plain color here, then damage or stains might show through the coating.

Vinyl flakes create a multi-colored surface. They conceal the underlying surface more effectively. You shouldn't be able to see any problems through the coating.

Attractive Appearance

Garage floors don't have to look boring. If you look after your vehicles and take care of your tools, then you will want your garage to look neat and tidy.

Vinyl-flaked epoxy floor coatings look impressive and are easy to clean. The flaked design will also hide minor spots of damage or stains. Your floor will look good for a long time.

To create a more attractive and efficient garage floor, talk to garage floor epoxy contractors. 

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