What A Roofing Contractor Might Do About Shingle Damage Due To Poor Attic Ventilation

If it looks like some of your shingles are curling up along the edges, call a roofing contractor so they can figure out why it's happening and flatten the shingles back down. If the shingles aren't flat against the roof, the wind might catch them and rip them off. The problem could be caused by poor attic ventilation. If so, here's what your roofing contractor might do to improve attic ventilation and repair the curled shingles. 

Add A Roof Vent

If your attic doesn't have the right amount of ventilation, heat will build up in the space, and this makes the underside of the roof warmer than it should be. The excess heat affects the shingles and causes them to wear out faster. They'll even start to curl along the edges.

This is an undesirable situation in the winter too, since the roof may get warm enough to melt snow and ice during the day that freezes later to form ice dams. Poor attic ventilation should always be corrected. Your roofing contractor can do this by adding a vent to your roof.

A roof vent usually has a fan that spins and pulls air out of the attic. When hot attic air is pulled out, cooler air rushes in so your attic stays cooler. A roof fan can be operated by wind, electricity, or solar power.

Repair The Shingles

The roofing contractor might replace the shingles so they'll be in good shape and be flat and secured, but they might repair them instead. Repairs for curled shingles involve securing the curled edge to the roof with adhesive. The adhesive holds the curled area down so it won't get caught by the wind.

If the damaged shingles are on one side of the roof, repairs might be possible, but if they're all over your roof, your contractor might start thinking about putting a new roof on instead.

Replace The Roof

If attic ventilation has been poor for a long time and the roof is old, the roofing contractor might recommend replacing your roof. You'll need to consider how much life is left in the roof and how much repairs could cost when compared with a roof replacement.

You may not want to invest money in roof repairs if you'll need to have a roof replacement fairly soon, but you also don't want to wait too long to do something about the curled shingles. The roofer can help you decide on the right thing to do based on the condition of your roof and your budget.

Contact a local roofing contractor to learn more. 

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