3 Reasons You May Want To Consider Using A Junk Removal Service

Most people already have a trash removal service that they use to haul away their household trash either every week or every other week. However, these standard trash removal services may not meet all of your needs. In some situations, you may also require the services of a junk removal service. You can learn more about three of the reasons you may find yourself in need of this type of garbage removal by reading below. 

#1: Not All Items Can Be Legally Tossed In With Your Household Trash

Just because an item fits into your trash bin does not mean that you can legally dispose of this item with your household trash. This is because certain items are prohibited from being tossed into your weekly collection bin. For example, old electronics and batteries are often prohibited because it is not safe to simply throw these items into the pile at your local landfill. Instead, these items will need to be recycled in a very specific manner to avoid contaminating the local soil and water. One of the easiest ways to ensure these items are disposed of properly is to utilize a junk removal service for the items that cannot be disposed of along with your other trash.

#2: A Dumpster Rental Is Not Always Necessary

If you are disposing of an entire house-worth of furniture, renting a roll of dumpster is likely the most efficient way of getting this job done. However, if you only have a few pieces of furniture or a couple of old appliances you want to get rid of, renting a dumpster may not be very cost-efficient since a large portion of the dumpster will remain empty. In this situation, utilizing a junk removal service will often be the better option. This is because junk removal services will often base their fee on the amount of junk you need hauled away rather than charging you a flat fee regardless of whether you are tossing multiple items or just a single item. 

#3: Hauling Items To The Dump Can Be A Lot Of Work

While you do have the option of hauling larger items to the local dump yourself, choosing to take this route can be a lot of work. In addition to the physical labor involved with loading and unloading these items, you may also find that you need to clean your vehicle once the job is complete to remove any dirt or debris left behind by the junk you were hauling away. Not only can this be time-consuming, it can get rather expensive as well. This is yet another reason why it is often more practical to hire a junk removal service to do the job for you. 

For more information, reach out to a local junk removal service, such as All Clear Clean Out & Junk Removal Services.

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